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Joy Lim Charms & Crystals

Ms. Joy, as she is called by many, is a world renowned Feng Shui expert acclaimed by film and media stars. These include Kris Aquino the virtuoso of Philippine television and sister of the President of the Philippines. Ms. Joy's carefully designed charms and crystals have brought good fortune to her clients rich, famous and otherwise.

Feng Shui, literally "wind and water", causes energy to flow through the earth, sea and air in much the same way that the energy flows through the body along acupuncture meridians. This energy comes in all forms: good, bad and everything in between. To get the good energy and get rid of the bad energy is where a skilled feng shui practitioner such as Ms. Joy Lim can do wonders. Using your animal birth sign (Chinese Zodiac Signs) she has crafted charms and crystals that can direct the good energy to you. Think of these charms and crystals as luck magnets to be used in bracelets, pendants, necklaces and other items to steer the good luck and good fortune your way.